Created by Wyrm Forge

This is a set of 32mm wicked witches for tabletop gaming!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Pledge Manager Surveys Sent Out
3 months ago – Wed, Nov 15, 2023 at 08:33:03 AM

Just a quick update that emails for the pledge manager have been sent out, to confirm your pledge details.


We're Funded!
4 months ago – Wed, Oct 25, 2023 at 02:26:52 PM

Thank you everyone for your support! This didn't gain as much traction as we expected it would, but we are still excited to offer these fun witches to you all.

We're currently working on the pledge manager, and will make another update once this is ready.


Tim Witch Painted
4 months ago – Sun, Oct 22, 2023 at 07:16:40 AM

Nothing like an early morning message on a Sunday when it is a witch dancing and painted. Enjoy!

Painted by the ever amazingly talented Atsushi Yamagata

4 months ago – Tue, Oct 17, 2023 at 07:07:17 AM

Thank you all so much for the support, we are now funded!

Please spread the word, and lets get some more awesome witches out in the night, dancing, chanting, and doing what they do best!